Telegram Games bots, channels and groups

Today we prepared a complete and exhaustive list of all existing Telegram Games bots made with HTML5 and played throught a web-browser. Each game bot got different games, you can play them all inside Telegram, thanks to games update. Make sure your android or iOS app got the last update. On desktop you can play  games with the browser.

Telegram Games like racing, diamonds, space are meant to be played with friends, but you can also play alone arcade games. If you don’t have friends at telegram, we got a group to play with worldwide people.

The result is this list where you will find the link and the number of games of the telegram bot. In the future we will add description and screenshoots of all telegram games.

So that’s all! Click and enjoy the game on Telegram.

If you want to get more updates, we got a lot of channels on Telegram like:










5 Responses

  1. Avatar Javier says:

    Quiero la contraseña del torneo de 8/1000

  2. Avatar Javier says:

    De flash royale

  3. Avatar Javier says:

    De clash royale

  4. Avatar Hector Salto says:

    Amigos!!!! Deben incluir en el listado al bot @gamezopbot

    Tiene 18 juegos activos al 9 de mayo de 2017

  5. Hi all! I would like to introduce you my game bot, that I was developing for the few month. This is turn-based role playing multiplayer game with 1×1 fights between Telegram users. Player can create character, manage his skills, inventory, buy and sell items in the shop. They can get gold in the rating fights. After each level increase hero gets new skill points (basic RPG style actually). Game has rating system, so heroes who fights good will be on topography the ladder.
    I will be grateful for every feedback. If you will have ideas on how to improve game mechanics or about the new cool features, please feel free to share them! Here is the link to the game Bot below:

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